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Nigeria’s Lesley Nneka Arimah wins Caine Prize for African Writing!

  Nigeria’s Lesley Nneka Arimah has won the 20th edition of the Caine prize for African Writing. Her winning story – Skinned was selected from a shortlist of five by the judges, chaired by Peter Kimoni. The Chair of judges, Dr. Peter Kimani, announced Lesley as the winner of the £10,000 prize at an award dinner last night (Monday 8 July). The announcement reads: “The winner of this year’s Caine […]

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A Review of Seun Lari-William’s ‘Garri for Breakfast’ |Book Review |Iwuagwu Ikechukwu O.

Seun Lari-Williams is a Nigerian poet, flutist, and legal practitioner born in 1987. ‘Garri for Breakfast’, his first poetry collection published in 2016 is a ninety paged collection which clearly underscores the generally accepted definition of literature as being the reflection of life and human experience. ‘Garri for Breakfast’ clearly solidifies on the inextricability of the above definition by deeply and aptly highlighting the human plight, experiences and of course […]

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Becoming Ella|Flash Fiction|Nemine, Funge-owei Michael

  Toma threw half of her face into the open and gazed covetously at Ella’s mouth pressed into Mama’s veiny left breast. The other half of her face pressed against the wooden frame of the door. All that Toma wanted was to become Ella, Daddy’s tiny little thing. Get kissed in those glassy lips a hundred times. Gulp down Mama’s milk again and again. Then cry. Then get caressed in […]

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Two Poems; Chronicles of Time and A Dance with Enigma/ By Iwuagwu Ikechukwu O./ Poetry

  CHRONICLES OF TIME The shanks of time are priceless That’s why its feeble legs perch on the tentacles of memory, Memories that gruesomely maul the ambience of reality like an aventador1 The sun woke today with a grin Sprang up on tiger’s hinds Took the western exit To retire from the eastern entrance Your thump soles should panic Caution should be its boulevard As you penetrate this partition, beware […]

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Printing and Publishing Companies in Nigeria

  You have gotten to that stage of searching for printing and publishing companies in Nigeria or you are at the verge. Whichever it is, it is commonplace that this a spontaneously exciting phase of a writer’s life. Interestingly, it is even more exciting for the printing and publishing companies. Searching for printing and publishing companies can be quite easy, but the after-effects would make or mar a writer. What […]

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This shall not pass/ Poem/ Nemine, Funge-owei Michael

This too shall pass like hymens bruised by dark lonely nights this wealth that we reek of, too, like caterpillars and butterflies this greed that rewards us with white beards and others with immaculate arts of wizardry too, like milky skies and honey clouds But this shall not pass; this silence plaguing once lively rivers this black slicks floating on yellow surfaces this droplets of death revealed in letters

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