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Be Naked/ poetry/ By Nemine Funge-owei Michael

Be naked just like the corners of a polished moon. bounce like rain drops feet on the top of this mahogany. carve holes in your ossicles and let those lips gather men like flood. Toss these underwears. flex this public muscles like Leah’s dark tail. be naked just like the other animals the night might come just. Your breast in calabash genital in dark smoky clays buttocks on sterilized tables […]

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unsaid feelings/ poetry

UNSAID FEELINGS First, I gasped for those lips, like the warm air I needed. Then I set my eyes at the back of these house, on the hills, stacked like mother’s yam tubers. then, I was salivating, losing myself at the front where the two oranges hung freely. Then everything was gone because I was a boy with no mouth. Later, I stood in front of father’s house and sewed […]

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Philosophical morons/ poetry/ by Famous Agu

Empty heads opportunistic Doctors of philosophy Bent to ruin a system Taking quid as sorting behind And damsels naked in tears To tolerate scholars passed The whirling wind pushed The genius cried aloud Knowledge was abused Opportunistic pedagogue Fight, hate and feign Here I launch you -your nicknames Among myriad appellations The chamois and doom masters Tattered sires of adultery Adenbolistic, Akanistic and Dogmere Adenbolistic held the rod in tight […]

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Krystalpen spoken word poetry contest: Update

Following messages and pleas from a lot of persons, complaining, that the submissions period is too short, we have decided to extend the deadline. To this effect, we will keep receiving submissions till the 18th of March 2018. krystalpen spoken word poetry contest is a new contest initiated by krystalpen to rekindle and to celebrate the beauty of spoken word poetry with a prize money of #15,000 for the winner. […]

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