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Should house wives be paid? The wealthy’s unpopular concensus , and what the middle class, or most probable, poor man says.


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    • I think its not necessary for a noun in front of the wife. wife is wife. in the case where the man doesn’t want her to work but to stay at home n c to d tins at home then he should always set a reasonable allowance for her

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  1. Well said, but i doubt if d amount of work dey do can be quantified with money. Thumps up to all full time house wives.


  2. Wives are meant to be appreciated for their role in the family with gifts, money and many more great thing. But, this shouldn’t not be made compulsory that every month you pay your wife for bn a good “wife” yet they are meant to be appreciated.

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  3. Good, Housewives should be on a pay roll, even though the work they do is far more than any wage to be allocated to them. Adding something to WIFE, all depends on one’s perspective about it.

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  4. Dey should b appreciated for their role n everything,so if its through wages its jut okay.


  5. for my own opinion it’s necessary to pay house wife which wil reduce d rate of unemployment and increase d growth of d economy but d problem is dat d income of d house wife is hardly captured or unable to b captured for d rate of growth of d economy.


  6. The wife should be paid accordingly, because she has a lot play in the home and in up-bringing of a child. Nowadays where everyone is looking for money to take care of responsibilities here and there, if don’t just expect the house wives to just sit at home and get nothing. Some are well educated and have different ambitions and aspirations- where forgone for the sole purpose of taking care of the home, and they should not be paid?


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