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How incredible a woman can love


Are women more compassionate than men? Scientists have established that the structural discrepancies in the brain of men and women do not affect the levels of compassion between genders, or rather, they are yet to arrive at an assertion as this. They have simply said it is innate.
However, articles, basically psychological, have continued to strive, anchoring that females show more compassion. A post from claimed women are more ‘equipped’ to love. It said women are far more compassionate than men and more empathetic, therefore more ‘equipped’  to love. Also, in a post from ‘The art and science of awe’, while calling for more leaders with compassion, Dalai Lama called for more women, stating that females have more potential.
There is no concrete or rather valid statistics to ground this notions. A friend of mine once said most of them are bathetic opinions, incited by mostly women. But if you look around, you will see that the truth is not far fetched.
I want to establish a consensus, solely, from a single story; Timi’s utter discharge of compassion at extremum, defying the dangers of a single story.
Timi is modestly tall, profoundly dark, a mildly prominent skull, above all, a beautiful woman. She is my sister’s bossom friend. I had also known her, but not this immoderate demo of selflessness. This shows that love or compassion has an almost inaudible voice and a reserved visage.
To be succinct, Timi’s landlord packed her out of the house last two weeks. Now, two months prior to then, Timi bumped into a friend. It was in the house of her friend’s boyfriend. Unfortunately, her friend could barely recognize her because she was at the point of drawing her last few breaths. She had illicitly done an abortion with local concoctions. Fortuitously, Timi had a doctor friend. Few minutes later, the doctor friend showed up and realized that Timi’s friend needed to be operated upon, as soon as possible.
Note this, this lady was just a regular friend to Timi. The type that you won’t really mind even if you don’t see in six months.
Minutes later, Timi had an onus contending with her thoughts. There was no money for the operation. The only obtainable money was Timi’s #125,000 house rent. That is if she agrees. She gave, knowing that her rent was long overdue. Moments later, the friend needed blood. Timi’s was the only compatible. She donated.
Now some persons would  be asking, what was the boyfriend doing all this while? Well, he was there, doing nothing. He had only promised to pay Timi back.
The operation was successful, thanks to God and good surgeons. But two months after, Timi was on the street with her bags, looking for who to stay with. The boyfriend was yet to raise even #5 to repay Timi.
I dont know how you see the depth of love at play here, but i think it is absolutely incredible. Also noteworthy, the act had exhaled from the mettle of a woman. How incredible! I doubt if a lot of persons can beat this fit.
Interesting fact: Timi is en route to the United Arab Emirates  as i write this, this morning, the 20th day of April 2016.


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  1. It’s true Women compassionate than Men, but any good Man would do what that lady did.though Women are more sympathetic,that’s because Women are simply i will say u made a good point.

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  2. I sincerely believe that is how we are programmed, all the same, this is only applicable to an “ordinary woman”


  3. You are a genius

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  4. Very true . A woman’s heart is simply wonderful.

    Proud of you.

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  5. Like that article put it, women are more ‘equiped’ to love. Women are more emotional, but I think compassion and love are close but not the same. Compassion is almost pity, but love doesn’t need a reason to act. Women have a tendency to love more deeply cos of their tenderness, but some men are really passionate lovers

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