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Why women are more religious than men


Being religious can be modestly ambiguous some times. For some, it is when you enforce unabated hatred with vehemence. To others, it is when you take a bow and walk away after having your face and an exotic palm in a hot duel. To some others, it is trailing keenly and meticulously, the rituals of the religion. Well, the later might just be it.
Taking Christianity as a religion: To be religious means you must have an unfeigned reason before you miss any church activity. You should be seen with your bible any time you are going for church services, preferably the big size. Retaliation is optional, particularly when you have a concrete reason throbbing your nerves. Some can afford to cuddle their cheeks against a compelled silence after been slapped. Others could be too firebranded to remain calm. They are all still religious so long as they all meet the first two criteria.
Now, some persons who are very severe in the things of God might want to argue that Christianity is not a religion. Well, you are absolutely right. Islam is the only religion in Nigeria. The rest of us are just Christians and friends and family to Christians. Notwithstanding, i am still going to talk about Christianity as a religion.
Lets take a look at some statistics. A typical congregation draws an adult crowd that is 61% female, 39% male. On any given sunday, there are 13 million more adult women than men in churches. Almost 25% of married women go to church without their husbands. Midweek activities often draw 70 to 80% female participants. Of course you don’t expect this statistics to be gathered in Nigeria. We hardly find statistics as this in Nigeria. This is a statistics of churches in the United States. You might want to google ‘church for men’. But of course if you attend churches or you watch large church gatherings in television, you will agree that these assertions are true for Nigeria also, or at least close.
So, why is it so?
I will unravel the mild enigma with a precise brevity, but of course your thoughts are requisite. There is a need for this galore of women in Nigeria to get married. There is also a need for this married women to tame their husbands, most of them adorned in the cloaks of spartan infidelity. Now, the church is the way out for these women.
Again, an interesting fact is, needs make people religious. Apparently, women have more needs, pressing needs, so there are more religious women.
Nugget: you are religious if you are either a modest or a severe church goer. This also means your Christianity might be in doubt.
This article does not have the capacity, or rather it is not intended to condemn anyone. But of course, man know thyself.
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