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Americans could prefer Nigerian politicians to their’s


I like to be rational at all times, such that i hardly speak of issues that are not corroborated by plausible explanations.
So last two weeks,in church, when a woman said Nigerian politics is dirty, i threw my curiosity at her. Of course the statement was not avant-garde, but of course i was in the church so i expected to hear something well-grounded and presumptive about the statement. I was modestly disappointed because she said nothing out of the ordinary. It was same old, crippled explanations.
So I decided to do my findings. Perhaps I am necessitated to mention this statement anywhere, it would have a sound root.
One of the dictionary definitions of politics is, the activities involved in getting and using power in public life, and being able to influence the decisions that affect a country or a society.
Wikipedia said, a ‘variety’ of methods are employed in politics, which includes promoting or forcing one’s own political views among people, negotiation with other political subjects, making laws, and exercising force, including warfare against adversaries.
Now let’s be mildly practical. Do you know that American’s overall views of the federal government are very negative? A statistics from 1958 to 2015 says, 74% of most elected officials put own interests ahead of country’s. It also said 55% of ordinary Americans would do better job solving problems. Also, only 19% trust the government always/most of the time. Now these are views of the people. You might want to look at PewResearchCenter.
I got some excerpts from a site,’ the intercept’. “Yes, we are corrupt” : A list of politicians admitting that money controls politics. In this article, someone said, “If you are trying to get people to vote for you, you can’t tell them that what they want doesn’t matter”. Now this other statement was attributed to Sen. Rand Paul in 2015, still same article. “This is what’s wrong. Donald Trump buys and sells politicians of all stripes…. He is used to buying politicians”. You must know that Sen. Rand was referring to Trump who was more of a business man then. Interesting! Even the so called American politicians.
Now let’s take a glint at Britain. “British politicians are falling the trust test”. “Britain is yet to produce leaders who score high on integrity”. An excerpt from ‘The New York Times’, with the title, ‘British voters see through their politicians’. Another except from ‘Democratic Audit UK’ said, ‘British politicians have an appalling poor reputation with the British public, with many regarding them as slippery, corrupt, and concerned chiefly with their own financial well-being.
Now, should we talk about our own politicians? No. I think we all know them, at least in varying degrees.
Have you ever chanced upon how someone defined politics in the online ‘Urban dictionary’? Politics is derived from the words “poly” , meaning “many”  and “tics”  meaning “blood-sucking parasites”. One who has perfected the art of lying.
I think that was immoderate, but it is not too distanced from the truth.
Now lets go back to what Wikipedia said, ‘A variety of methods are employed in politics’. The methods were not specified. So when a politician suck someone’s blood openly to gain power, don’t think it was not part of the original intent.
Politicians are not any better anywhere. Nigeria politicians might as well be better.
Going back  to that statement ‘Nigerian Politics is dirty’, it is the nature of the game everywhere. If we are convinced that it is dirty, then that is how whosoever designed it intended. The only thing different about politics elsewhere is the people involved in it.
But if we insist Nigerian politics is dirtier, then lets try and change our game players, possibly it could better America’s.
Please drop your comments below.


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