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When you bash a white man’s car in Nigeria


Driving could be as distasteful as a life adorned in frustration if you are neck-deep in the busyness of Lagos roads. Your woes could be compounded if you are involved in a collateral damage of the intense and ferrocious movement along the Lagos roads. There are always collateral damages. Bashing or scratching someone’s car or being the recipient– either of them is a collateral damage caused by the ever brimfull roads.
Being the victim of a bashed or scratched car could be preferred to being the offender.
Last week while the Danfo I was in was negotiating Jakande round-about along the Lekki-Epe expressway, I saw a man, glittering dark skinned, black suited, impossingly good looking, sweating profusely. I thought he was asked to sign his death warrant, or he was asked to give a valid statement why he was travelling at the same time and in the same place with that other Lexus Gx460 he had bashed.
What is more riveting is that you hardly get away even if you plan to abscond, when the traffic is always heavy.
If you are the type that drives, especially if it’s not your car that you drive, you might want to be extra careful if the person driving the other car close to you is wearing a mean face, and not to forget, if the car is a Land Rover LR4 or a Chevrolet Traverse, or a LandCruiser V8, or if you think yours is way cheaper. You could get back home with a damaged windscreen.
Now if the person behind the steering in the car close to you is a white man, a real white man, not the indians or the Chinese, you might want to turn off your panic button.
Just two days ago, in front of Oriental Hotel, a man broke the back light of a white man’s Toyota Highlander. The white man came down, walked to the back, seeing the damage he walked to the man whose car was behind. He mumbled few words. And all the other man did was to say I’m sorry.
A lady close to me said ‘all these white men they don’t really care because they have insurance’. And then, when I turned to the left, there was another car with mild scratches. The scratches looked quite old. It was a white man that was driving that one too. ‘probably the insurance had done something about those scratches’, I said within and looked ahead.
Now, if you bash or scratch a regular Nigerian’s car, its either you get your head wetted with a rain of abuses, or you get part of your car damaged, or you sweat like you are close to hell, because you are going to beg, and then you might end up paying.
But if you do same to  a white man’s car in a Nigerian road, all you need to do is just say ‘I’m sorry’.
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