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A scorned advice led to this foreigner’s misfortune

Nigeria’s name doesn’t get any palatable in the lips of white men. Part of it is because of profoundly desperate girls who levitate theirselves like clouds in the faces of white men. And they do not always stop untill they get something out of their desperation. It seems even the white men haven’t gotten any wiser, with all they have associated our name with. Last week a white man resorted […]

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Life expectancy: The Japanese’ secret.

According to WHO, the life expectancy of Nigeria is 53 and 56years for male and female respectively, currently. For those who might not really know about life expectancy evaluations, life expectancy is a statistical measure of the average years people of a particular country are expected to live. These evaluations are done based on the year of birth, current age and other demographic factors including sex. It doesn’t mean you […]

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Obasanjo might just be right

When I read the article; “Buhari not sound in economy, foreign affairs–Obasanjo” from PUNCH, I said to myself that baba is just one old man who is never tired of fostering his controversial voice. But then when I came across some statistics, I thought he might just be right. The Nigerian economy is currently going through the toughest times in as many years. Take a look at the statistics of […]

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A lot of things could change when you shake a white man

Before now, I have always given ‘colour’ an undeservedly exclusive reverence. I would wake up in the dead of the night and assure myself that ‘colour’  is just an unfortunate entity that found itself not just on the skins of people but also the minds. And then i wouldn’t know when sunrise will zoom in. It was a very colorful burden, but I never realized how heavy it was, not […]

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Poor people are always more extra honest

Oxford said, to be honest means free of deceit; truthful and sincere. Now let’s rephrase our topic so that you won’t feel I’m not talking to you: ordinary people are always more honest while dealing with wealthy people. If you should watch closely,  you will be able to see how people aggrandize their honesty with apparent pieces of extra trueness, while dealing with wealthier people. Not in business though. And […]

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Such Are The Days

Every mind knows the truth As lucid as the dullness of crepuscle, Yet prefers to be cuddled by the lie, Like the groping of a crippled ocean. Such are the days. Every feet quiver, like the heavy dance Of the forest to the suprano of the wind With a need to be in church, yet Attired with ignorance, as to why There is the need. Such are the days. Every […]

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The piece of life you wouldn’t want to have

Life is carefully shredded into pieces at every given point in time. Some pieces might be adorned in Olympian qualities, others might just be adequately good, yet, some other parts might be treated with severe disdain. If you think your own piece is not good enough, you might want to see what is happening in some parts of the country. I was opportuned to travel to a particular part of […]

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