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The piece of life you wouldn’t want to have


Life is carefully shredded into pieces at every given point in time. Some pieces might be adorned in Olympian qualities, others might just be adequately good, yet, some other parts might be treated with severe disdain. If you think your own piece is not good enough, you might want to see what is happening in some parts of the country.
I was opportuned to travel to a particular part of the country a month back. The first thing that smeared my mind when a woman started recounting her ordeal was that stark famine in samaria, when human flesh became the most suitable protein. What I heard was that dreaded.
You might want to be extra grateful if you find yourself in places like Lagos. Lagos for instance, accounts for over 60% of industrial and commercial activities in the nation, generating over 75% of its revenues independent of federal grants derived from Oil revenues. The bulk of the states are haplessly parasitic on the federal government. Am sure some states could have done better if they had absolute control of their wealth. That’s notwithstanding, the issue that is miserably most imminent is the fact that most states are bearing a resemblance to that ancient Samaria.
Now this is what the woman said: first it was a perturbing lamentation, ‘Is this how I will die with my children?’. Then she told me the hunger had claimed the lives of many children. I thought the woman had larded her story with excesses, until i saw her eight year old boy walk out of the house. He looked like nothing i had seen. He wasn’t sick. It was hunger. Describing him will make it look like those regular fictions or one of those make-believe stories. It was a sight of severe hideousness.
If the economic situation doesn’t improve in the next six months, especially in states where everybody’s livelihood is trussed to salary from the government, you wouldn’t have to read distressing stories like this, you will be seeing them in front of you.
This is the piece of life i meant to inform you of. It exist not just in history, but in the contemporary as you read this. You might want to be grateful for that piece you feel is atrocious.
In addition, you should know that in some parts of the country, nothing works if the government fails to pay salaries. When I say nothing, I mean nothing. Imagine no salary for six months, something dreadful is burgeoning.
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  1. Well said, And In this light, with our mixed-economy approach how realistic it is to have a nation where everyone could afford the basic necessity of lives and have equitable distribution of income?

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