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Poor people are always more extra honest


Oxford said, to be honest means free of deceit; truthful and sincere.
Now let’s rephrase our topic so that you won’t feel I’m not talking to you: ordinary people are always more honest while dealing with wealthy people.
If you should watch closely,  you will be able to see how people aggrandize their honesty with apparent pieces of extra trueness, while dealing with wealthier people. Not in business though. And you might not see if you are one also, so just read.
If a wealthy man ask if you can prepare fried rice and salad, with smoothies, something you only know how to eat because you never helped your sister in the kitchen, you are supposed to tell the wealthy man you don’t have the technical know-how, because that is honesty. But if you google to get the recipe that moment, you are being extra honest. You might end up preparing deirf rice instead of fried rice and dalas instead of salad.
If you are asked to make purchase by a wealthy man, meanwhile you have an issue more imperative, you are supposed to let him know that there is something more compelling, because that is honesty too. But if you decide to please him at the expense of what’s more needful, you are being extra honest. You might end up not getting that change you are eyeing.
Just on Saturday, I was in the house of a deacon. A reputable man in the church. Then another man walked in.
“Oga this new laws in Lagos aiinn! Do you know LASTMA arrested me? They said the road we use to follow every time is now one way.” The man said.
I just knew the man must have been extra honest when the oga said, “I thought you said you are familiar with that road?” Of course everyone knows the road is one way except him.
As if that was not enough, he said, “Oga i no buy the computer o. They have added money.” He was being extra honest. He didn’t know the price.
Just honest is okay. You don’t need to be extra honest, even if you are dealing with a rich man or a very rich man. The favour will always come if it will.
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