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Obasanjo might just be right


When I read the article; “Buhari not sound in economy, foreign affairs–Obasanjo” from PUNCH, I said to myself that baba is just one old man who is never tired of fostering his controversial voice. But then when I came across some statistics, I thought he might just be right.
The Nigerian economy is currently going through the toughest times in as many years.
Take a look at the statistics of the country’s foreign-exchange reserves and exchange rates at the parallel market from early 2015 till now.



It doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. I anticipate for better days though, I mean we all; days of unfeigned change; change by work and not by mouth.
It wasn’t just the disheartening statistics that incited me to put up this article. It was when my cousin returned home yesterday, with a melancholic look, because her NYSC orientation program was postponed indefinitely. I realized it’s way more horrendous than we had thought; the state of the economy, it’s even way more grievous than we grumble and complain, when I discovered it was because of a #13 billion fund.
Well, it appears the government has released the fund, but just have it at the back of your mind, that we have gotten to a level where the government will need to agitate profoundly before releasing funds for the NYSC; a compulsory stepping stone for youth’s breakthrough. Some say we should bear with them, that the country is broke. Is it? So broke that the government have to put the progress of more than 100,000 youths at bay?
Well, I think the only needful thing now is to pray, because it appears the very lips that dazzled with loud melodies of ‘change’ only sang because the lyrics were enticing and capable of beguiling.
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