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A scorned advice led to this foreigner’s misfortune


Nigeria’s name doesn’t get any palatable in the lips of white men. Part of it is because of profoundly desperate girls who levitate theirselves like clouds in the faces of white men. And they do not always stop untill they get something out of their desperation. It seems even the white men haven’t gotten any wiser, with all they have associated our name with.
Last week a white man resorted to drinking a lot of spirit somewhere in V.I, with a very melancholic look, because a girl absconded with his 1.7 million naira. The girl who is from portharcourt is supposed to be his girlfriend.
But something passably regrettable also happened, something that could have prevented the desperate portharcourt girl from running away with the 1.7 million naira. The white man’s Nigerian driver warned him about the girl. He probably sensed something artful about her or he just wanted the white man to be argus-eyed. The white man ended up being a victim of circumstance despise the dissuasion.
The lesson is all encompassing. I wouldn’t know why the white man refused to take his driver’s advice, but I know it’s something that has immersed a lot of persons.
I put up this post not to report that a white man’s 1.7 million naira was stolen by a desperate portharcourt girl, but because it could be someone’s life-saver. It reminded me of an incident that was reported somewhere in Gbagada three years ago. A man who recently, prior to the time met fortune, decided to get a police man as a security. But then, his driver adviced him not to, that the police man will only increase the risk of insecurity. Three weeks down the line, he was shot dead by armed robbers in his house.
People often more than not, treat with disdain the advices from others who are lower in status or level of education. But these advices most times could be the most needful piece of informations.
The reason is simple though; a cypher or a man who is uneducated can never give you a better advice. That is the very look of pride.
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