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Buhari’s northernization of Nigeria

Written by: Nwagu Everest When this present administration was sworn in May last year, many pundits and cynics were reluctant to stomach the pill being sold by the APC that president Buhari is now a change man. Sceptics went down to the annals of history to dish out instances where Buhari have acted with ethnic sentiments, religious bigotry and nepotism. However we were told that he (Buhari) is now a […]

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Worry, marriage and Ladies: A needless treat

I have always had my ears pecked on matters like ladies getting worried when time is on the critical side, but I never knew it was this earnest untill I got a confession from an acquaintance. So I decided to write this post. Naturally, when we draw up a priority list, more Salient things appear ahead of others. They are more often than not things that require us to exert […]

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Anuptaphobia: Good food could just land you there.

Opportunities abound. They also pass like thunderbolt. Most importantly, marriagable age could languish like a cloudy aurora. Do not let the razzmatazz of the wee days of life sweep away your sentience.  Because by the time you realize age could be as swift as time itself, your body could as well be struggling to adapt to the unpalatability of geezerhood. That is when ladies start getting worried. For the many […]

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Delusory Models: Mrs. Stella’s testimony could give you a better blueprint of how a marriage can strive

Left for celebrities alone, marriages are just one of those regular delusive stage-managed acts with a frozen kick-off and terminus. It will be hard to tell if they at all place priority on it. Most are almost predictable like the indisputable shift of a caterpillar. The regular couple had always known their union to be sacred as it were, and so would ward it painstakingly. But it appears the tide […]

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