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Delusory Models: Mrs. Stella’s testimony could give you a better blueprint of how a marriage can strive


Left for celebrities alone, marriages are just one of those regular delusive stage-managed acts with a frozen kick-off and terminus. It will be hard to tell if they at all place priority on it. Most are almost predictable like the indisputable shift of a caterpillar.
The regular couple had always known their union to be sacred as it were, and so would ward it painstakingly. But it appears the tide is dragging so many immaculate nubs with it. Even the most obnubilate is fast becoming a celebrity. Marriages are gradually modelled after the inauspicious celebrity style.
Consequently, more people now fight to keep their severely vulnerable marriages. But ironically, the very celebrities whom regular people want to emulate do not fight to keep their marriages. There is always an undefeatable terminus. When it comes the marriages break like a leaden sky.
Of recent more people have been depleted with the egress of their fast decaying marriages. Solutions are also been sought like rain drops and the ever-green tree-tops.
Now this has no iota of resemblance to a solution, but it could be a recipe to someone’s resolve.
Mrs. Stella, a dark skinned beautiful woman; a salient height, two little children, just ripe enough to catch the razzmatazz of her late 30’s, had to fight for eight years. It was a testimony I heard from her very mouth so it can barely be larded with honey. I wouldn’t break the details but what is most prominent is that her husband refused to eat her food for eight years. All those eight years she also fought to ensure the marriage is not clawed up in extinction.
Finally a certain day brought an end to eight years of nightmare. Her husband finally realized he has a wife whose pot he is at liberty to eat from. I think only married women will have a profound savvy of this moment.
My rawness can only permit me to make one point. A marriage can never strive if the wife stops to fight. It will cut like a piece of chord built with sand.
Now let’s moot the feasibility of this; a wife refuses to cook for her husband for two years.
Please share your views in the box below.


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