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Anuptaphobia: Good food could just land you there.


Opportunities abound. They also pass like thunderbolt. Most importantly, marriagable age could languish like a cloudy aurora.
Do not let the razzmatazz of the wee days of life sweep away your sentience.  Because by the time you realize age could be as swift as time itself, your body could as well be struggling to adapt to the unpalatability of geezerhood. That is when ladies start getting worried. For the many that do care.
Here is a little advice. But first, know that as a lady it is needful you take the bull by the horn.
Theophilus never seperated good food from good wife, neither did Anthony, nor did Rapha. I don’t think I did too. We just couldn’t stop talking about the availability of a wife material whenever a lady has painstakingly prepared us a meal, even after the meal has been lost in the bowels for days. That was time past as youth corps members.
You don’t think it is a mere coincidence for four guys from different cultural backgrounds to use same yardstick to appraise a good wife material, do you? Rapha is a northener. Anthony is a mixed breed; south and north. Theophilus also looks like a mixed breed; south and west. I, pure south. That was on a lighter note.
Well, I also thought it was a mere coincidence untill I encountered an unfortunate issue last week saturday, at Obalende.
In front of the church was a crowd of nicely suited people, disarrayed by wretched visages when I got there. The groom did not show up. That was the story. ‘The bride has also disappeared’ was the other perturbing story.
The reason was loud, clear and unanimous, yet I couldn’t believe it. I suspected one woman just stood up, slapped her large thigh, then propagated this story; the groom discovered that the bride is an awful cook, just two weeks to the wedding. I was now thinking, does it mean they didn’t do TM? Nobody could give me an answer.
In as much as you might find it hard to believe, the fact is, it is true. So that makes us five guys and the other millions you have not heard of.
So if you agree with me that time is of the essence, boom your cooking skills. It could just land you in your husband’s house.
Feel free to share your views. There is a comment box below.


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