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Worry, marriage and Ladies: A needless treat


I have always had my ears pecked on matters like ladies getting worried when time is on the critical side, but I never knew it was this earnest untill I got a confession from an acquaintance. So I decided to write this post.
Naturally, when we draw up a priority list, more Salient things appear ahead of others. They are more often than not things that require us to exert much more effort.
Nugget: natural occurrences hardly survive a priority list.
Some hard truths:
Majority of the bulk of the people that go to church do so only because of problems.
The major problem of majority of unmarried women in churches is, “I need to get married”
Now let me take you back to the acquaintance. I pray she doesn’t get to see this.
Untill I asked her on a certain day, I had the assumption that it was normal for her to have a moodswing five to seven times before 5pm every day.
Her moodswing was the handiwork of acute worry.
“Mike, am 31 already. When will the husband now come?” It was as though the rains had descended when she opened her mouth. I felt mildly embarrassed and also disappointed because I knew I wasn’t going to be the husband she was expecting.
But then this was what got my eyes shinning like a clear noontide.
“I can’t number how many church programmes I have attended over the past three years. It’s even making me have sleepless nights”.
“oh! wow! ” I didn’t realize when my exclamation hit her.
Nugget: Faith and worry is not compatible. Can never be.
Am not sure if this ”I need to get a husband” problem had existed from times, but am sure some things had aggravated it; modernization and worry.
Nugget: A man’s greatest worry, surely, do come upon him.
Now let’s solve the issue from this angle;
If it must be in your priority list, it means you need to have the wherewithal to work it out. But then you should know worry is as impotent as an angry look.
I think taking it out of the priority list could be the easiest way to solve the problem, that is if you decide to make it a problem.
Feel free to share your views below.


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