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What Avengers could make Nigeria become in the next two months.

If you say they are sophisticated, arsenal wise, well that is avant-garde. Even the federal government is careful of that. If you also say they are sophisticated intellectually, I would argue with you first, then I would think and say some informations Nigerians should know are at the mercy of your lips. But if you say they are mere armed, uneducated agitators waiting to meet their waterloo at the banks […]

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Just some few thoughts

It was a mildly dull evening. The week long work was just beginning to take a toll on me. The scream of car horns reminded me of the slap a white customer unleashed on one of my colleagues earlier that day. The busy traffic was avant-garde, but I still wished I knew nothing about that usual traffic or it simply doesn’t exist. The smokes from an obviously fatigued Ford Explorer […]

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Buhari sacks Kachikwu as GMD NNPC.

Written by: Nwagu Everest. When Buhari first northernised the Defence Sector with his appointment of Northerners into offices of National Security Adviser,  Minister of Defence, Chief of Army Staff, and DG DSS, some of us raised alarm that the President has an hidden agenda but we were tagged wailers. After he was through with the Defence sector, Buhari moved his ‘shop’ to the Internal Security/Interior/paramilitary sector with the appointment of […]

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The Olisa Metuh’s case: Some Salient questions with quelled answers.

Why should Chief Metuh be made to return the N400 million if truly the money was expended, according to Onyechi Ikpeazu (SAN), counsel to Olisa Metuh, on a project approved by the then president on national issues? Has Buhari’s administration turned him into a venture capitalist to the whole nation? Was the Office of the National Security ¬†Advicer (ONSA) also acting as the national treasury or the Accountant General of […]

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