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The Olisa Metuh’s case: Some Salient questions with quelled answers.


Why should Chief Metuh be made to return the N400 million if truly the money was expended, according to Onyechi Ikpeazu (SAN), counsel to Olisa Metuh, on a project approved by the then president on national issues?
Has Buhari’s administration turned him into a venture capitalist to the whole nation?
Was the Office of the National Security  Advicer (ONSA) also acting as the national treasury or the Accountant General of the federation at that time? Or any other agency responsible for disbursing fund?
One quite fact that has kept the issue perpetually preposterous is that the money is from Abacha’s loot. But that is by the way.
On this issue, it is fair to say, the federal government should be commended. However, it will be farcical if supposedly thieving fingers are allowed to work away under the auspices of recovery. Surely, the larceny will not die. It will only hibernate for four years.
According to Metuh’s counsel, Metuh gave a project presentation to erstwhile president, received directives as to how to collect the fund, then rendered reports and accounts accordingly.
If such records be, why then should the federal government watch the opposition’s former spokesman borrow money from family and friends?
I’m sure he is not a venture capitalist of the whole nation.
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