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Buhari sacks Kachikwu as GMD NNPC.


Written by: Nwagu Everest.

When Buhari first northernised the Defence Sector with his appointment of Northerners into offices of National Security Adviser,  Minister of Defence, Chief of Army Staff, and DG DSS, some of us raised alarm that the President has an hidden agenda but we were tagged wailers.

After he was through with the Defence sector, Buhari moved his ‘shop’ to the Internal Security/Interior/paramilitary sector with the appointment of Northerners to occupy offices of Minister of Justice/Attorney-General, Minister of Interior (Interior + Police Affairs), CG Customs, CG Immigration, CG NSCDC, CG Prison Service and more recently, the IG of Police.

While we were wailing on that, President Buhari, a Fulani man from the North has completed his onslaught on the Oil/Petroleum sector from which we derive most of our earning.

As part of his plot, he deliberately relegated Dr Ibe Kachikwu from the influential office of GMD NNPC to the post of a ‘junior’ Minister of Petroleum resources, while he assume the office of substantive minister in the ministry. The significance is that Mr Kachukwu will only act according to his dictates while he carries the full responsibility of the Minister of Petroleum Resources.

Earlier today, Buhari announced a new Board of NNPC of nine members. Of the Nine member board, Buhari not only ‘returned’ the GMD NNPC to the north, he also appointed SIX northerners into the Board leaving south with ONLY three slots. The northerners include;
Dr Maikanti Kaccalla Baru(North) as the GMD NNPC; Permanent Secretary Min of Finance Alhaji Mahmoud Dutse(North)- Member NNPC Board; Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari(North)- Member; Dr Tajuddeen Umar (North)- Member; Mallam Mohammed Lawal(North)- Member; and Mallam Yusuf Lawal(North)- Member.

The only three southerners are Dr Ibe Kachikwu(South)- Ceremonial Chairman of NNPC Board; Dr John M.A. Thomas(South)- Member; and Dr Pius O. Akinyelure (South)- Member.

For avoidance of doubt, the power of the Chairman of NNPC board is limited to presiding over board meetings without wielding any significant influence, unlike the GMD NNPC or Petroleum Minister that has a lot of influence in the sector.

We must also bear in mind that the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum Resources Alhaji Jamila Shu’ara, is also from the North.

In other words, the Minister of Petroleum is from the North(Buhari), PS Petroleum Resources from the north, GMD NNPC from the North, and SIX out of Nine NNPC board members are Northerners.

President Buhari by this appointment has confirmed our suspicion and vindicated us that he is out to further divide the good people of the south against the  people of the North.

The action of Mr President is highly condemnable and does not represent that of a statesman that desires Nigeria unity.

Will Nigeria survive this onslaught on our unity and collective aspiration by Buhari?  Only time will tell.  #My1kobo

Source : Tamunotonye Solomon S Inioribo


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