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What Avengers could make Nigeria become in the next two months.


If you say they are sophisticated, arsenal wise, well that is avant-garde. Even the federal government is careful of that. If you also say they are sophisticated intellectually, I would argue with you first, then I would think and say some informations Nigerians should know are at the mercy of your lips. But if you say they are mere armed, uneducated agitators waiting to meet their waterloo at the banks of the oil ebullient creeks, I would say, probably you need a second thought, also a second look.
ExxonMobil Qua Iboe 48 crude oil export pipeline is not just Mobil’s largest export pipeline. It is Nigeria’s largest crude oil stream. It exports more than 300,000 bpd. Do the maths and you will know how much is there.
Flagitiously and obviously ill-advisedly, the Niger Delta Avengers supposedly dived about 20ft off the surface of water to tear apart ‘Qua Iboe 48’. Try and envisage the depth……. It is that deep. They didn’t just locate a pipeline 20ft off the surface of water but they rammed it apart. How? You are wondering right? Intellectual sophistication or some solid in-house links. Well that is not the bases for this article.
As it stands now Nigeria’s export strength is crippled. Apparently, it means income inflow will also be crippled in the next one, two, three and more months except something is done apace.
You might want to look at this;
In February, Shell shut down it’s Forcados export line that exports 250,000 bpd.
In may, a pipeline that carries 180,000 bpd of Bonny light crude to the Bonny export terminal was shut down.
In June, RMP 24 and RMP 23, Chevron’s highest producing wells were shut down.
All these are in addition to the shut down of ‘Qua Iboe 48’.
You should be able to tell what happens to the ground when it rains in the sun.
I hope someone wakes up before a topsy-turvydom is let loose.

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