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Archive for August 2016

A slight drag could do the magic

Not all characters are forged from cradle; some through experiences; carefully bone ravaging experiences.  For those of us who get severe satisfaction from judging or criticising, you might want to lard your lips with a bit of restrain and consideration.  Experiences get people frustrated, sometimes for life. The way different persons handle their experiences is based purely on their abilities or mental capacity.  I did encounter a lady while working […]

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Small jobs and getting married; a mild stain of ambiguity

I accidentally got into a discussion with a man at Spar some days back. A not-too-complex looking young man, possibly in his late 20s. He was with his wife. Accidentally I got to know that he is a keke driver. Wow! Impressive!! I said to myself. Shortly after, I realized so many things that have long gone berserk; We don’t ever get to realize young farmers in Nigeria. Maybe farming […]

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