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Exactly why it could be better to be uncivilized, sometimes


I almost argued with a guy on monday last week, but I kept my cool and it paid off. He said modernization is simply retrogression. He said all we see around is a little bit of yesterday that is severely larded with stupidity. It was after he saw a lady sitting close-by, with a cigarette on her left hand and a phone on the other. “This guy is uncivilized”, I said to myself. I mean guys are now learning when some ladies are about to smoke. Afterall  the manufacturers didn’t say male smokers will live any longer.
It was untill yesterday I realized probably that guy was right. Possibly all the comfort and the stunts civilization had pulled is to sail us back to the puerile age; a state of apparent ineptitude. I thought probably we could have lived more comfortably if we still think for ourselves. Imagine the television telling you, you need to hit the gym regularly to look ever attractive to your husband, well. Also, imagine the television telling you, you need to let your cleavages see the brightness of the day to tell the whole world that you can do as it pleases you, well.
A woman was narrating her current ordeal with her daughter to an acquaintance. It was the resonating grief from the woman’s voice that pulled my ears to the ground. It was in a shop where I had gone to get cloths.
Now this was the story in a nutshell; her daughter had gone to Germany some years back and had returned. The local church was happy that their former choir head had returned. But after just two weeks they could no longer bear with her. The problem she refused to accept as a problem but simply civilization is that she now have two visible tattoos. She also now smokes. Her kid brother of 19 has also started smoking because she made him believe it is the norm in the western world. The mother’s pain was not just this. Her pain was that her daughter would sit her down, with tears rolling down her cheeks and try to convince her that their is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking. Then she would go ahead and threaten that she would go back to Germany and never to come back.
Now civilization means allowing people behave anyhow so long as it doesn’t disturb the government. Well, that is exactly the ‘puerile age’ I mentioned earlier.
Do you know how termites behave when water frees them from their dwelling?

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