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Small jobs and getting married; a mild stain of ambiguity


I accidentally got into a discussion with a man at Spar some days back. A not-too-complex looking young man, possibly in his late 20s. He was with his wife. Accidentally I got to know that he is a keke driver. Wow! Impressive!! I said to myself.
Shortly after, I realized so many things that have long gone berserk;
We don’t ever get to realize young farmers in Nigeria. Maybe farming is too dirty.
We don’t ever get to shake hands with young fishermen and address them as Sirs. Maybe they reason like fishes themselves.
We don’t ever consider a young man wearing suit to be possibly a danfo driver. Maybe bus drivers don’t have another life outside the bus.
We don’t ever expect the young man who speaks fluent English to by any chance be a carpenter. Maybe carpentry is for the old and illiterate.
We don’t get to see young men come out in public and tell us they are Chefs. Maybe it is a crime with a shameful punishment.
Now let’s look at something of more concern;
Women increasingly are left unmarried for two reasons;
—The bulk of the men have no sense of responsibility.
—More women now think a man is not yet responsible untill he gets that fat income job.
Now this is what responsibility means;
Looking people in the eye and telling them you are a barber if you are one.
It also means telling a lady you can take care of her with the income you derive from your taxi.
It also means your possible inlaws should know that you are a recharge card seller and still be glad you are coming to marry their daughter.
Well, I just felt the country is getting flooded with irresponsible people who think responsibility is found in the branches of money and big jobs.

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  1. In my own opinion, every parents wishes the best for their daughter. They dont want someone who wont be able to take care of them bt as a woman, you can as well work hard and be like a man.

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  2. Basically, myopic minds (women and supposedly in-law inclusive) judge people by their past and present; I mean their leaving conditions, occupation, income, etc.
    The basic truth is that, the best way to judge someone is through their mindset and God’s bird-eye view of them.
    On the scale 1 to 10, we have 7 average people around us as friends and families. This tends to nurture our myopic views to limits, reducing and incapacitating us.
    A guy with a fat income but average mind can always loose a job and wound up in poverty while one with low income but great mindset and vision can rise to the top echelon of career and business.
    Never judge a person by his/her present living condition but rather by the size of their vision, dream and will power to pursue them into fruition.

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  3. In my opinion, people have lost the knowledge that things ought to grow. Everyone desires a 250k monthly salary but no one wants a situation where you get to that bench mark in 5years. We’re slowly forgetting about “growth”.

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  4. Nowadays, Parents rejoice when they hear their in-law to be is graduate with an handsome salary.but they are missing out on one important detail,”A man should not be accessed by his Tittle,but by what he has inside his heart” .if you follow up some graduates who are working as Bankers,E.T.C has no knowledge. They r only receiving their monthly payments because they are said to be graduates and employed. Someone told me sometime ago “They rather settle for a poor humble and reseanable minded Man than go for a Rich fool with a brain of a Fish.


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