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A slight drag could do the magic

Not all characters are forged from cradle; some through experiences; carefully bone ravaging experiences. 
For those of us who get severe satisfaction from judging or criticising, you might want to lard your lips with a bit of restrain and consideration. 

Experiences get people frustrated, sometimes for life. The way different persons handle their experiences is based purely on their abilities or mental capacity. 

I did encounter a lady while working as a teacher in NYSC in Ekiti state some time back. Only patience; deep seated patience and may be a bit of luck had prevented what would have turned out to be an unfortunate issue. Now this lady wore a beauty, a neatly fetching beauty that apparently competed with angels, but then little did I know that her character was perfectly ugly, like a dark, fat, messy trash. 

Her messy attitude was mildly gender based; a more severe resentment towards the male folk, but it wasn’t limited to the male gender. I brushed myself with a little bit of doggedness and managed to slip through. Then I realized she had gone through one of the worst experiences you can imagine. She was impregnated and blatantly denied while in her second year by a guy she gave her all, thinking he was her Romeo. 

But then the highpoint is that she let the pain sink in like a stone lost in a deep sea. 

What she needed was just a mental rebuilding. I couldn’t do that anyway. But incase you run into someone whose attitude looks impervious like an opaque iron drapery, try and do a little drawing like you would a mere curtain. It might just move along. 

Feel free to share your views in the box below. 


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  1. Nice write up. Hmmmm……. Really true, don’t be in a haste to criticize people’s character, try to hear their experience.

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