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We become branches in times of war

In times of war, we realize that every look of humanity that once flushed us, flakes off, in bits, until we become mere branches, leaning on one mahogany, planted somewhere. Mere branches, that is what we are. So you see, all we needed was just a little of the sun and a little of the rain. After all, who knows what will plug us one day from where we lay? […]

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The Wright brothers– Living as a bird once lived as an impossible idea

Men’s greatest discovery, arguably, is becoming birds, figuratively. It is fascinating how we have won for ourselves the luxury of swimming in thick white clouds, far sighting the structures with elusive finesse that lay thousands of feet below. But of course the turbulence is always uninteresting. We needed to be reminded that we are still humans. Not birds. At least not yet if you do consider reverse evolution. How can […]

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Till the Kongas fade into the night

  Tap me in the head And drag me to where kongas sing And waists roll like boneless trees   Tap me in the head And drag me to where drums lay castles And ripe mangoes sway behind them like naked winds   Tap me in the head Bury my eyes behind them- nests of bewildered delicacies Let their feet collapse on the ground like tears from heaven And my […]

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