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The Wright brothers– Living as a bird once lived as an impossible idea

Men’s greatest discovery, arguably, is becoming birds, figuratively. It is fascinating how we have won for ourselves the luxury of swimming in thick white clouds, far sighting the structures with elusive finesse that lay thousands of feet below. But of course the turbulence is always uninteresting. We needed to be reminded that we are still humans. Not birds. At least not yet if you do consider reverse evolution.

How can we possibly ever forget this ‘wizards’- Orville and Wilbur Wright (1871-1948 and 1867-1912 respectively). Well, we can forget, but we can’t do away with their invention. Before rolling through history I wondered how they possibly came up with the idea. Little did I know the idea had existed as far back as historians can recall.

In 1786, the idea of flying that had lived for long burgeoned, and an attempt was made by the Montgolfier brothers.

In 1896, Lilienthal, a foremost researcher in aviation, died in an attempt to successfully fly a glider, a prototype of what was later built.

Seven years after, the Wright brothers made the breakthrough. They invented, built and flew the world’s first successful airplane.

Now, there is a thing about ideas and motion. Ideas are cheap, very cheap, like loose droplets in a wet season. They are birthed almost every season. Ideas are also not unique. Many people birth same ideas within same time frame. Motion is the most crucial precursor to existence.

Ideas bereft of daring feet are always doomed for a stillbirth.

Life inches exponentially to a dead end if everything suddenly becomes static.

Keep ideas in a piggy bank, by the morrow, we will be so enriched with remorse and posthumous accolades for stupidity.

‘Keep trying, keep flying, until we no longer reckon that eagles are the most phenomenal up there’ the Wright brothers must have said to each other along the way.

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  1. This is one of the most inspirational pieces I have read, great work.


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