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You like books and you like wealth? Read what Bill Gates said about five books…. 

I have known Bill Gates to be a lover of books since he recommended the book ‘Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind’ from his twitter handle, sometime ago. 

Writing from his blog, Gates notes, he revealed five books from his reading list and the impact they have accrued on him. 

Now, to what he said; 

‘Summer is a great time to escape: to the beach, to the mountains, or to the world of a great book. This year, I found myself drawn even more than usual to books that took me outside (and I don’t mean the great outdoors). The books on this year’s summer reading list pushed me out of my own experiences, and I learned some things that shed new light on how our experiences shape us and where humanity might be headed.

Some of these books helped me better understand what it’s like to grow up outside the mainstream: as a child of mixed race in apartheid South Africa, as a young man trying to escape his impoverished life in rural Appalachia, or as the son of a peanut farmer in Plains, Georgia. I hope you’ll find that others make you think deeper about what it means to truly connect with other people and to have purpose in your life. And all of them will transport you somewhere else—whether you’re sitting on a beach towel or on your own couch.’-

To see the five books and what he said about them, click the link.


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