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Homo Deus: Bill Gate’s review on an impending paradigm shift 

Homo Deus is the title of a new book by Yuval Noah Harari- same author that wrote sapiens. 
Bill Gate, the man I like to describe as the billionaire booker, has given a review of the book from his blog- gates notes. 

According to his review, the book said, same principles that have organised society will undergo a huge shift in the 21st century, one we should all look forward to. It also talks about godlike elites forged from same humans amongst us, using biotechnology and genetic engineering as tools. 

From Gate’s review, the book is more of a prophecy- one that has been born from a blend of history, experience and the ever striving mini-world of technology. 

I decided to reblog this for certain reasons; 

  1. The coming age has a substantial plan of leaving many behind, like smokes sneaking into the sky. So it’s either you keep yourself abreast of tomorrow or you become an unevolved human species. 
  2. There are only two ways to get yourself buoyed in the tides of the future: Divine encounters and reading. 
  3. And of course to remind you- wealth and books are like beaches and sands. There is always an indistinct shade of symbiosis. 

Read the full review from gates notes.


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