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How much do you know about Africa Writes? 

Africa writes is UK’s largest African literature and books festival. It is an annual celebration of contemporary literature from Africa and the diaspora. 

The event which is organized by the Royal African Society is here again- starting June 30th to July 2nd. 

The year’s events promises to be super exciting, like a loosed heaven in a dark night. That’s sounds super exciting right? Well, you wouldn’t get to know how truly exciting it would be except the British library decides to have us. But of course it’s quite easy to be there. 

Amongst the activities that will season the event are; 

  • Fear will be launched. Fear like fear. Fear is Jalada 05/ Transition 123 collaborative issue. Helon Habila’s Chibok girls will also be launched. Also launching are ‘When we speak of nothing’ by Olumide Popoola, ‘No place to call home’ by JJ Bola and a few more books. 
  • There will be a tribute to the late Nigerian write- Buchi Emecheta 
  • In attendance will be a lot and lots of writers- African writers 
  • And of course you will meet the publishers if you have been bugging google- how do I get published? Who should publish me? 

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