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Did you miss it? Commonwealth writers prize winner emerges! 

Ingrid Persaud emerged the winner of the 2017 Commonwealth writers short story prize with her story ‘Sweet sop’ at Singapore, yesterday. 

The woman from Trinidad was the winner of the Caribbean region.

It was quite adventurous reading her winning story. The style and form of English was unique. 

Did you know there is the Trinidad English? It is called the Creole. 

The story is about a son and his chocolate-addicted terminally sick father. What does it really mean to sit and watch a loved one die slowly with unexplainable pains? What if there is a way out of the pain and you can’t help not because you really can’t help? 

The story carried a bigger message. I feel it’s bigger than Ingrid herself. 

Granta published the full story. You can read it Here


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  1. You are exactly six days and 2000-5000 words away from missing out. Don’t! – Krystal Pen

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