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That’s why you are human/ Written by Wilson Rukevwe Lucky/ poetry

We grow eyes while asleep, when we dream
we dream while awake, when we think

We break like dark clouds when we stop pushing
we succeed when we spill storms from our hands

At every point in time we are given options
like branches running out from a tree
so never say there were no options.
Because success and failure, happiness and sadness,
love and hatred, wisdom and foolishness
are all cemented on our DNAs, like sands in the beach.

We are all given potentials, like tears breaking from a sad sky;
Potentials very essential.
So why sketch hatred on your lips?
Why sulk and feel abated like shadows plastered on a wall?

Dream, see, feel;
that’s why you are human.

About the Author


The author, Wilson Rukevwe Lucky, is a 500Level student of petroleum engineering, Niger Delta University. She believes to inspire people is to live again and again. She is either writing or working on her fashion design if she is not engaged in studies.

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