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Archive for September 2017

Another Little Flower/poetry

There was a little flower in my head, with the color of the sun and bosoms resting on the stem like a full moon. This flower was once in my eye. In the day, it will tickle my cheeks and stain my lips with laughter. In the night, it will summon my own soldiers so that I rolled like soft stones caught up in an avalanche. I walked up the […]

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That Thing in your Stomach

Am I supposed to be happy that it happened? That one barren and cold night threw us apart? Not physical throw. Something like cutting our souls apart. That mystic chord that once fused us, like a covalent bond. Am I supposed to let my eyes turn to a leaking reservoir? Like how mother will sit out in the cold at night and let her tears turn into a mini swamp […]

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That time of the year is here again! 2018 Commonwealth short story prize open for entries.

It is a delight to us and indeed to every writer out there, that entries are now open for the 2018 edition of the commonwealth short story prize. The Commonwealth short story prize which is opened to writers that have not been published or whose works have not been published, is an annual award aimed at the best piece of unpublished short fiction (2000 to 5000) words. The award is […]

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