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Another Little Flower/poetry


There was a little flower
in my head, with the color of the sun
and bosoms resting on the stem like a full moon.
This flower was once in my eye.
In the day, it will tickle my cheeks
and stain my lips with laughter.
In the night, it will summon my own soldiers
so that I rolled like soft stones caught up in an avalanche.

I walked up the river
and plucked this little flower
from my head and swung it far into the river.
A soft wind came and drove it even farther,
to the other side of lonely river.
Little flower is gone! A sigh oozed from my nostrils.
So, I walked back to my bed.

In the morrow, when the dew yet gathered,
gone little flower was back,
bickering with my tender hairs
to find another mattress up there.
I cried out; oh little flower!
Tender little flower!
I know the sun rises in the morning
just to feed on your stony beauty!
But, I love another,
another little flower.


photo credit: 149 best Lotus Flowers via pinterest


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  1. Nice one!
    stain my 💋 with laughter..

    Liked by 1 person

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