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Ajuwaya/ poetry/ written by Famous Agu

Keen and preen for servitude
A clarion call to this latitude
Our joy, judged with bitterness
Travelers trail across the wilderness
Amid the amity with camp men
And the quiet query from cankered men

Our busy bidding service worth quid pro quo
Quirky quid allowee status quo
Stack of stock calling in prices high
Then we squeeze and squirm, yawn and sigh
Money became monkey making her journey
And the bellicose belly fighting our money

A minute unit of unity abound
A paradox preached on parade ground
Hate hailing the untar crust
The squidgy squelchy dust
Let centre capital be lured to grade
And concrete conscience lured to aid.

About the Author


Famous Agu is an ardent writer, a poet of many styles, a popular and proficient teacher. He is a graduate of Accounting and Finance and the proprietor of Famous Advanced Training Schools. He has works, also, on prose and drama.

Most of his poems are not just interesting but didactic with high class morals.

Before his quest for a university degree, he developed himself on various disciplines and produced high profile and brilliant high-flyers/scholars. He is sought after by many a student who needed his crystal explanations especially in his discipline. He always makes interesting moves towards academics.

He is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria


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