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Night Mongers/ Poetry/ Written by Peremobowei Geoffrey Okus

These shores I stand was once full of sunlight,
Where many a eye lived who saw the sight.
Today, night has come and refused to ebb,
But to the home of sun hope shall man steer,
That home of sunlight I ever once lived.

Unawares, in the whisper of the night,
On hearing a sound as of a thunder,
Many a soul are massacred in flames,
Man and sweats wreck and shred beyond repair.

Who upon this plain such a virus bred,
That has many potent a cure defied,
But like dark fumes spreads loftily and wild?

Wounders of the soul, hoarders of doom,
Whose fairest of cause, so lame a kind,
Let loosed a frown against outstretched throats,
Who often behind the scepter cloak,
Wield and swindle the common black gold.

Lurkers of the night, ravagers of souls,
Raging in delusions of religion,
To obtain, seven awaiting virgins.

For the Western birth did kindle the furrow,
And many a home were steered to a hollow;
The unsuspecting Chibok, swept away without trails,
Like chicks before the hawk, like dry leaves before the wind.
Bornu in Nigeria; Niger to Cameroun,
Benin to Chad and Somalia are abattoirs,
Where man is slaughtered many a time in the sprees.

Night mongers wandering adrift,
But none to truce by chance would drift.
We’ve become the unguarded souls,
Rounded by broken walls with foes.
Where is laughter, where is safety,
They have all deserted our plain,
There sleep also the eyes betrays.

O begone, this cruel night, begone, begone!
Begone from this shores and never return,
Begone then the sun shall emit her shine!
Let hope steer my feet to the home of sun,
Where I can once have a feel of sunlight;
That home of sunlight I ever once lived.



Peremobowei Geoffrey Okus holds a BA (English) degree. He is an ardent lover of the arts. Simply, he is a poet. He loves to tell stories in verse on divergent themes. He is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He is inspired by the likes of William Shakespeare, Alexander Pope, John Dryden and some other contemporaries of that time. His works are yet to be published.


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