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I want to die sailing/ Poetry


Tell me about the death you bring
I long for it
At least, it brings a devouring pleasure
And bolting streams of sweats

Tell me about the lips
The taste of five colonies of bees burnt
The savagery of hyenas folded into the dark

Tell me about these bumps
Abandoned on corners carefully
Soft fire that rolls peace from skins
Valleys sitting like mountains

Tell me about those sacs
My thirst is tied to a duct
Tell me-
Ripe fruits hanging without trees
Blistering succulence running freely
Fluids that repair cracked skins
Tips that turn capillary meats into metals

Tell me about that bedded door
The one that leads to death
I want to go in
At least I will pass through the seventh heaven
And the wrinkles on my skin
will for a moment be textured
with flakes of inflammation

Tell me about the death you bring
At least it brings bliss
I long for it
I want to die sailing
I want to die hitting the peak of icebergs


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