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Krystalpen spoken word poetry contest

Krystalpen’s first spoken word poetry contest is here!

Spoken word is poetry’s maiden form. Poetry was first spoken, vocalized, before it was written. The art form illuminates the beauty in poetry, tell apart intonations and voice inflections- this is what we first call poetry; when it is mouthed and when it is heard.

This beautiful art form should not be lost. The interest after it need not wane. It should thrive as long as poets roam the earth. It is the reason we have organized this contest, to rekindle a dying interest, then mold a new mouth to relate; tell the world of the many buried truths.

The contest has a #15,000 reward for the winner and is open to every African.


  • send a not more than 7 minutes video of you performing a spoken word poetry on the theme ‘Love’ to
  • Be as open as you can be on the theme ‘love’. Love in any context is acceptable.
  • The video should be of high picture quality and a clear audio, devoid of background noises. Poor picture and audio quality could result in disqualification.
  • Salutations are not necessary. Say the title of the poem and get started.
  • Submissions should be strictly poetry. Inspirational talks and raps will not be accepted.
  • Any style of poetry is good.
  • Ten spoken word poets will be shortlisted after being judged by a panel of judges.
  • The shortlisted videos will be published on and the winner will be decided by the video that gets the highest number of likes.
  • Entries open on the 30th of December 2017 and closes on the 18th of March 2018.

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6 replies

  1. The mail says the file is too large to be attached. How do I send it then?


  2. Do I just attach the video
    without writing my name
    or any form of identity?



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