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Philosophical morons/ poetry/ by Famous Agu


Empty heads opportunistic
Doctors of philosophy
Bent to ruin a system
Taking quid as sorting behind
And damsels naked in tears
To tolerate scholars passed
The whirling wind pushed
The genius cried aloud
Knowledge was abused
Opportunistic pedagogue
Fight, hate and feign
Here I launch you
-your nicknames
Among myriad appellations
The chamois and doom masters
Tattered sires of adultery
Adenbolistic, Akanistic and Dogmere
Adenbolistic held the rod in tight fist
Bludgeon adults in tertiary houses
Spearing naughty kids at home
Akanistic bride is fooled
Tertiary damsels are fingered
Dogmere a coconut head
Grades beg for his mercy
Quit the race and mourn
Back to creche and learn
Better reborn to rename.

©Famous Agu

About the Author

Famous Agu is an ardent writer, a poet of many styles, a popular and proficient teacher. He is a graduate of Accounting and Finance and the proprietor of Famous Advanced Training Schools. He has works, also, on prose and drama.

Most of his poems are not just interesting but didactic with high class morals.

Before his quest for a university degree, he developed himself on various disciplines and produced high profile and brilliant high-flyers/scholars. He is sought after by many a student who needed his crystal explanations especially in his discipline. He always makes interesting moves towards academics.

He is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria


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  1. Beautiful one there more grace to your elbow

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