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Letter to Motherhood/ Poetry/ By Famous Agu

Once was a fluid
Swum to your tube
Rise to a zygote
You schlep me for nine
Kicked day and night in the duct
Making you scared
Life and death probed
Medication cast a spell
Here and there
In and out
From spirit midwives
That both of us live
Smile and smile at last
For this crime I plea
Yea I plea!
Forgive me ma’amy

Again another crime
Certainly not the least
I pushed through your gate
Caused all the wailings
Pains and tears
A rebound pain
Comes the unknown breeze
Blown off the wrapper
Became bare and glare
The midwives watched
My exit gate
To welcome my arrival
As my first entourage
Shame could not probe
All bare to the skin
Dad was not allowed in
Yea I plea my crime
Forgive me ma’amy

Yet treated me as king
This time my crying with lullaby
My joy with peekaboo
Yet turning you down
Again and again
My hobby my hobby
Crying like steam engine
Leaving you comfortless
Confused like chartered dreams
We became a team
A joint venture
Stream of rivulets trickling
Down the lids to the sea bowel
Innocent but guilty
Yea I plea my crime
Forgive me ma’amy

Unfriendly times fly
From toddler to grown
Another passage of life
Yet erupted stupidity
Becoming a paradox
Topsy-turvy expectations
Mercy me yet another dawn
For the errands I failed
Hope like a still water
Nigh are the palmy days
To join the gravy train
Joy to behold in due season
A time of benign laughter
Clasping the throat
And the lips will not cage
Thy movement a dancing jive
Hope on my hope
Yea I plea my crime
Forgive me ma’amy

About the Author

Famous Agu is an ardent writer, a poet of many styles, a popular and proficient teacher. He is a graduate of Accounting and Finance and the proprietor of Famous Advanced Training Schools. He has works, also, on prose and drama.

Most of his poems are not just interesting but didactic with high class morals.

Before his quest for a university degree, he developed himself on various disciplines and produced high profile and brilliant high-flyers/scholars. He is sought after by many a student who needed his crystal explanations especially in his discipline.

He blogs from

He is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Photo credit: moon magazine


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6 replies

  1. love it sir

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  2. This is quite touchy. Reminds me of my own beloved mother.


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