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Lost Love/ Poetry/ by Wilson Lucky Rukevwe

Lost Love

I beheld a wild fire across the river
Reminding me of the burning passion in your eyes
Wild, dangerous and determined as a blowout

Yet, exciting as a toddler taking her first steps
Decades of hope flashed in them
And with it, came memories of regretted nonchalance
Like Rivers of sand travelling through deserts
A smile waltz through to my heart
Concealing the tears that streamed downhill
You were but everything I desired
But your hopes I martyred for my selfish desires
For like a farmer in the fields, I ripped you off of every emotions.

Now you are just a thousand faded visuals
Roaming my head, lost in castles sitting on Neverland
Like the silent whispers of lost souls
You chirp in my head, as clouds beget raindrops
Restless demons to lullaby, causing them to slumber
Your giggles journey a thousand miles

Filling my ears with it’s mocking gait
How could I, take for granted all that you gave?
How could I, let your love’s kiss slip?
Taking a walk through my heart’s empty hallways
Searching for answers engraved on deserted lovespots

Breathing in the sweet scented air of love that is lost.

About the author

The author, Wilson Rukevwe Lucky, is a graduate of petroleum engineering, Niger Delta University. She believes, to inspire people is to live again and again. She utilizes her time, either writing or working on her fashion design.

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10 replies

  1. Wow! A great confession and regret without ego uprising. It can only be done by the humble hearts. Keep fit in it dear. You passed a good message.


  2. Wow. Love this piece. Just had to swipetrade it to my Facebook and Whatsapp.


  3. One word? ‘amazing”!
    This is apology from a different perspective ; not just soliciting for forgiveness, but really admitting one’s grievous hurt and mistakes. This is the best thing I’ve read in this week!


  4. It’s really touching, nice choice of words. never imagined you for a poet, but must confess you are good

    Liked by 1 person

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