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Hope/ poetry/ By Wilson, Lucky Rukevwe


Golden streaks of light
Boring through with great might
Great dark walls of man’s mind
Kissing on the bitter sweet lips of life
As it ploughs and whisks man away from comfort’s garden
Drawing a pact on sweat, between sanity
And the slow fearful strides of bravery
Lost in the wilderness of light, foreseen

Suckling on the blossom nipples of a greater love
Swimming in ecstasy, on the winds of hope
Just as nights shamelessly chant tick-tock
Steering the wheels of days hidden behind grey coatings
Given in excess, but never enough
Like the beautiful melodical dance of strings
Tugging ceaselessly on the ropes that bond
Man and principles pregnant with promises.

About the author

The author, Wilson Rukevwe Lucky, is a graduate of petroleum engineering, Niger Delta University. She believes, to inspire people is to live again and again. She utilizes her time, either writing or working on her fashion design.

Photocredit: DesignTaxi


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4 replies

  1. Oh wow!
    “And the slow fearful strides of
    bravery; Lost in the wilderness of light, foreseen”


  2. Bae that is a beautiful one.
    I’m not much of a poetry person, but dis one is making me have a rethink on what am missing. Kudus dear!


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