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My Jilt Story/ Poem/ By Famous Agu


Beauty was captivating
Belief was the wane
Attitude then was face
Manner was startling
Here goes the racing
The race was gay
A lot to kiss today
First time love sings
Congruent in all day
Was this also your case?

Next, spy before date
Time and tide teamed
And travelled the lane
That sweetness went thin
Bickering all the time
Fault finder dwells with us
Lo! We can’t bear the force
All was sorry
Is it also your story?

Her real self then
Inbuilt and locked
Now open to us
The padlock is crushed
Unleashing the poisons
Lo! We can’t be
The story of both sex
Winning the trial
Makes you a man
Then, we already jilted
What is your fate?

About the author

Famous Agu is an ardent writer, a poet of many styles, a popular and proficient teacher. He is a graduate of Accounting and Finance and the proprietor of Famous Advanced Training Schools. He has works, also, on prose and drama.

Most of his poems are not just interesting but didactic with high class morals.

Before his quest for a university degree, he developed himself on various disciplines and produced high profile and brilliant high-flyers/scholars. He is sought after by many a student who needed his crystal explanations especially in his discipline.

He blogs from

He is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Photo credit: i-D Magazine-vice


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