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I can imagine/ Spoken word poetry/ By Iwuagwu Ikechukwu

I can Imagine

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13 replies

  1. Splendid and on point.
    What a Wonderful poet!


  2. Great and exceptional


  3. Nice one I.K, more power to your elbow, keep up the good work.


  4. precise details and genuinely crafted


  5. Clearly you are an exceptional poet with lines radiating nothing short of originality. You sure deserve to win.


  6. Why should you be reading a live spokenword poem from a paper.This is not done anywhere…..are you serious at all….? You don’t deserve to qualify…Go home and come back next time….


    • Steven okafo…hate speeches don’t pay…maybe u should do something that can be used to appreciate you…because obviously u are a sadist and sadist never grow… on the other hand. Ikechukwu u are a star and God is and will always be ur strength like ur name depicts…keep soaring dearie


    • Say that without crying


  7. Wow… Very clear and concise


  8. First of all I must commend your Audible and good sound quality.
    Excellent poem by the way.


  9. Mind blowing
    Very captivating, You sure reflect originality.
    Way to go



  1. Vote for your favourite spoken word – Krystal Pen

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