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I love you/ Spoken word poetry/ By Edward Amonu Andrews

I love you

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14 replies

  1. So many complaints on the voting process.
    People cant see the like button.Others have no confirmation after voting.Please something should be done about the voting system


  2. More Grace sweetheart…keep soaring high….Andrews Edward Amonu

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  3. I love you by Andword.. Very powerful.. More grace boss, keep it up.. Champ🏆

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  4. Wow, bless you Andword… keep on keeping on.

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  5. After reading all pieces presented here, I can say Andword has the most educative and powerful piece..
    Great work, keep it up

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  6. Andward is great,in fact your poetry is making impacts

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  7. Andword you are the best, the passion with which you deliver is so amazing…… Andword more love…


  8. Such a great piece…soar higher Andword 🙌


  9. Andword, allthe best. More Grace


  10. Very powerful word….. I keep listening to it always😍😘
    More grace


  11. I really love this piece. The alliterations and rhymes were well constructed. The whole poetry was well executed. This is not just a “spokenword” but the “word of God”. It has really made an impact in my life and I hope this reaches all corners of the world. Andword deserves it.



  1. Vote for your favourite spoken word – Krystal Pen

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