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Poetry/Poem/ By Wilson, Lucky Rukevwe


Watching from the sideline
Sipping a cup of poetry
Handed down by mother nature
Looking out the window
Envisaging the silver linings
Spread across giant sky
In patches and sprinkles
Beckoning on my blindness
Warming up my cold heart
As she smiled in all pearls

Queen mother seductress!
Queen mother seductress!!
Free me not, from thy embrace
For thy warmth penetrates
Through my lost faith
Packing up shady debris
Left behind by broken promises
Mending up torn stitches
Through my being, with expertise
Like a tailor with years of experience

Like a tasty soul, I sip
Savoring the taste of her lips
I’m elated by her touch
Lost in the wetness of her tongue
As she led me to the bed of light
Moving in a headlong flight
Pinning me down over the edge
Sprawled in the comfort of her mattress
Like bread, waiting for its butter
For She is indeed the queen of seduction.

About the Author

The author, Wilson Rukevwe Lucky, is a graduate of petroleum engineering, Niger Delta University. She believes, to inspire people is to live again and again. She utilizes her time, either writing or working on her fashion design.


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