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krystalpen spoken word poetry winner!!

First, we would like to start by saying, congratulations to all our contestants. We believe you are all winners. This is a win for spoken word poetry. It is a win for the powerful voices yet to be heard.

The last three weeks have been particularly exciting, seeing spoken words with varying degrees and diverse forms of quality, more so, because they are by young and zealous poets.

We were particularly impressed at the size of audience the contest afforded most of our participants, which is one of our goals– to air strong and sound voices that do not yet have the opportunity to the larger stages.

After a highly meticulous process of considerations and reconsideration and deliberations by our judges, we are pleased to announce Precious Nzubechukwu Egbo as the winner of the maiden edition of krystalpen spoken word poetry contest, with her spoken word poetry– The Divinity of Love.

Congratulations to Precious from everyone of us here at Krystalpen.

This is what the chair of the judges had to say:

The last few weeks have been very interesting and busy for us.
We got very lovely poems and we’ve been very impressed by both the quality of poems we received and the pure talent and industry we saw in manifestation.
If anyone ever doubt how blessed and gifted we are as a people all they need to see is one or two of these spoken word videos and all such doubts will be quelled.
If by chance you’re somewhere and someone says Nigerian youths are lazy or uneducated, please tell them about krystalpen spoken word poetry contest.
We’ve reviewed the submissions we got and we finally have to pick a winner.
At first, we wanted to use votes as the sole criterion for choosing a winner, but we were advised to settle for quality and richness and depth.
Everyone who partook in the contest got a sizeable number, their crafts have been in the faces of a new audience, so it is a win-win for all.
After much deliberation, we had to make the very difficult choice of choosing one person as our winner.
Our winner for the Krystal Pen Poetry Contest is Precious Nzubechukwu Egbo.
Please join us in congratulating her.
Joel Pereyi

See the winning spoken word poetry video here


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