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Fight!/ By Young Deuces/ spoken word poetry/ Video

Frustrated that my skin makes me a liable suspect. Frustrated that we yell but we still cannot be heard……..Young Deuces

When we start to look beyound the vibe and rhymes, the phenomenal audacity and unshrinking intensity from the voices of spoken word artists, we find a burning bulk of messages delivered right into our hearts.

These are the voices we deserve as a people, piercing and fearless, more so, the messages we need to vent from wherever hole we have stuffed ourselves.

Listen to this spoken word by Young Deuces. bare this courageous message.



About the Artist


Born Rudy Strong, the Milwaukee, WI native Young Deuces was always socially aware of what’s going on in today’s world. Coming from a Military home, his father, an Air Force bet instilled the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King & Malcolm X early. However it would be that same military background that taught him to appreciate the diversity in the world as well. Fast forward to today when Young Deuces release his socially conscious project “My Unapologetic Black Thoughts” a mixture of Hip-Hop & Spoken word that highlights the ills of today’s climate yet preaches unity as the overall solution.


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