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Flashback/ Poem/ By Famous Agu

In those days when we ate breakfast,
it was towards moon. The folding
hours when we unconsciously whiz.
Our mothers trying time, drying
the mat we slept on. Mother went,
even father sought bread in the forest.
Our fasting begins that moment.
We were liberal souls, perky
in their returning to chow-down.
Because of drying, stiffing ducts
dramatic approach to our meals
smarter than antelopes.

Liberal souls in bondage shield
watching long trousers that flaunt in
and out the street gates. Our thatch roof
without gate welcome our sworn enemies
that drank our red River of life.
The sky peeps through the holes above
allowing dew flog us
at night, christen us paupers with smiles
in a river of sorrow. While
we lay in the name of the father
the son and via the Holy Ghost.
Survival was a miracle.

Embodiment of sarcasms
Insults were then our catalysts
facilitated our glorious ride.
Now some envious guys open lips
in agape from their wide domain.


About the Author

Famous Agu is an ardent writer, a poet of many styles, a popular and proficient teacher. He is a graduate of Accounting and Finance and the proprietor of Famous Advanced Training Schools. He has works, also, on prose and drama.

Most of his poems are not just interesting but didactic with high class morals.

Before his quest for a university degree, he developed himself on various disciplines and produced high profile and brilliant high-flyers/scholars. He is sought after by many a student who needed his crystal explanations especially in his discipline.

He blogs from

He is from Bayelsa State, Nigeria


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