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To Theophilus/ Poem/ By Nemine, Funge-owei Michael

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Theo, my brother in the year of our labouring
I heard you want to be a merchant of the field
with those bones barely tougher than ferns and fronds
I heard you also want to master the seas and ships;
set sail in the rage
with that soothing voice barely louder than a seductress’
armed with a pair of flying breasts
there is a chance you bring home the bacon
but remember the sermons of clay and porters
of clay and solvents and solutions
of clocks and the twin lamps
Ah! Theophilus!
how do you bury your feet on burning icebergs
with chitin holding your soul?
how do you send emissaries across raging seas
with a voice the strength of exhausted bananas?
before you send for Gabriel,
the arch angel
ask how many rivers your tears can feed in a year
before you whimper like pines begging the wind
and brew tears with jars and pots of ignorance,
ask of the blood offerings and the paintings made with bones.


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