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Funge-owei Nemine

coauthor of ‘The Muse’- an anthology of four contemporary poets. His works have been published in brittle paper and in Kalahari Review. He is a story teller, a poet and a blogger. He is also a graduate of Biochemistry.

    You left no shadows/ Fiction/ By Okeudo Emmanuel

    There are some things I don’t know how to do, things I don’t know how to say. One of which is what to say to a grieving person. I don’t know why I have trouble finding the right words to use to soothe pain; pain caused by the loss of something or more importantly, someone. Perhaps it is because I am not in tune with my emotions-this too makes it […]

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    krystalpen spoken word poetry winner!!

    First, we would like to start by saying, congratulations to all our contestants. We believe you are all winners. This is a win for spoken word poetry. It is a win for the powerful voices yet to be heard. The last three weeks have been particularly exciting, seeing spoken words with varying degrees and diverse forms of quality, more so, because they are by young and zealous poets. We were […]

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    We have our spoken word poetry contest winner!

    The judges have passed their verdict to the spoken word poetry contest. The winner will be unveiled by 9:00 am tomorrow.

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    This damsel of sorek/ poetry/ By Funge-owei Michael Nemine

    This damsel of sorek When she passes all that remains are lapses of men once planted in the hills of mambilla contending with ageless pillars. Because she rows doom with this bulky cumulus of weaponry forged from blood and clay; the shape of a full moon. This weaponry, it is even weak and fluffy like blue band flogged with sweet, white granules. Yet, us they conjure and clueless we become […]

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    Poetry/Poem/ By Wilson, Lucky Rukevwe

    Poetry Watching from the sideline Sipping a cup of poetry Handed down by mother nature Looking out the window Envisaging the silver linings Spread across giant sky In patches and sprinkles Beckoning on my blindness Warming up my cold heart As she smiled in all pearls Queen mother seductress! Queen mother seductress!! Free me not, from thy embrace For thy warmth penetrates Through my lost faith Packing up shady debris […]

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    Vote for your favourite spoken word

    To vote, simply click on the contestant, then then scroll down to the ‘Rate’ icon and click on it. Vote Olive Love by Favour Uchechukwu here Vote Peace to Beast by Muhammad Bello here Vote Love by Ibrahim Faddal here Vote I can imagine by Iwuagwu Ikechukwu here Vote The divinity of Love by Precious Nzubechukwu Egbo here Vote I Love you by Edward Amonu Andrews here Voting will end […]

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    Peace to beast/ Spoken word poetry/ By Muhammad Bello

    Peace to beast To vote for Muhammad, scroll down and click on the rate button.

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