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Funge-owei Nemine

coauthor of ‘The Muse’- an anthology of four contemporary poets. His works have been published in brittle paper and in Kalahari Review. He is a story teller, a poet and a blogger. He is also a graduate of Biochemistry.

    Fluid/ Pronouns and Adjectives/poems/ By Jideofor Confidence

    FLUID She asks me, How do you do it? And I say, I wear myself, in and out, Like a winter jacket. Fluid, Malleable. I yield, Perhaps too easy. Resisting stasis. I’m not my own, Feeling, Flowing, Not being. At dawn, I binge on Azure, and roam the open skies. At dusk, I merge with the stolid earth, Becoming a busy mall. I am different bodies, All in one lifetime. […]

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    Maybe I am father/ fiction/ By Funge-owei Nemine

    MAYBE I AM FATHER November 26, 2008 was the day I realized, even the dead lives. I also realized, I am half human, half dead. It is true. I felt like I could go on my own, live in the other side and return. The revelation, in a way, recreated me. Until the early days of August, 2008, mother was unintendedly a secularist. Life was like dark houses with no […]

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    unsaid feelings/ poetry

    UNSAID FEELINGS First, I gasped for those lips, like the warm air I needed. Then I set my eyes at the back of these house, on the hills, stacked like mother’s yam tubers. then, I was salivating, losing myself at the front where the two oranges hung freely. Then everything was gone because I was a boy with no mouth. Later, I stood in front of father’s house and sewed […]

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    Philosophical morons/ poetry/ by Famous Agu

    Empty heads opportunistic Doctors of philosophy Bent to ruin a system Taking quid as sorting behind And damsels naked in tears To tolerate scholars passed The whirling wind pushed The genius cried aloud Knowledge was abused Opportunistic pedagogue Fight, hate and feign Here I launch you -your nicknames Among myriad appellations The chamois and doom masters Tattered sires of adultery Adenbolistic, Akanistic and Dogmere Adenbolistic held the rod in tight […]

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    Krystalpen spoken word poetry contest: Update

    Following messages and pleas from a lot of persons, complaining, that the submissions period is too short, we have decided to extend the deadline. To this effect, we will keep receiving submissions till the 18th of March 2018. krystalpen spoken word poetry contest is a new contest initiated by krystalpen to rekindle and to celebrate the beauty of spoken word poetry with a prize money of #15,000 for the winner. […]

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    Love is the thing that feeds your blood to the earth/ poetry

    Don’t tell her you love her because your lips are sewed with too few days and greased with oblivion. Don’t sing her a love song because your voice was borrowed from the wind and is wandering in a faceless storm. Don’t give her the dark chocolate as love’s emissary because your heart is made of feathers and guarded with baskets. Oh gentle sojourner from the mountain towns! Love is the […]

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    The best writing tips

    There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed -Ernest Hemingway If you are reading this, it’s either you want to be a writer, any type of writer, or you want to better your writing skills. Either way, you are a writer. You see, there is nothing more to writing other than picking up your blue or black pen and dragging it down […]

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