Krystal Pen

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Call for Submissions

It is our desire that beautifully written works be seen by a wider audience. So, we will be glad to publish your unpublished work.

submissions on poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, essays and book reviews can be emailed to Subject of the email should be ‘Submissions’. we can, however, accept submissions that do not fall into the aforementioned categories, provided it does not in anyway deter our morals. We do not determine what you should share. So, be free to send submissions on any theme.


  1. A maximum of two poems will be allowed per submission. Poems can be any length.
  2. Fictions should not be more than 2500 words.
  3. Book reviews should be kept within 1500 words.
  4. Always ensure your works are well punctuated and checked for grammatical and spelling errors before sending them in.
  5. Please be patient if it takes a longer time for us to get back to you. Be rest assured we will read every submission and get back to you.
  6. We do not mind simultaneous submissions, but do inform us if it has been published elsewhere.
  7. Know that you retain the copyright to your work. But Krystalpen should be acknowledged, always, as the original publishers.
  8. All submissions must be an original work of the sender.
  9. Do not forget to send in a short biography and a photograph of yourself. Your photograph do not necessarily have to look too serious.
  10. Like our facebook page and follow our blog via your email to get updated.

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